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Quality, Health & Safety & Environmental

The road transport industry is not always recognised as a sensitive and sympathetic discipline.

At TDR Transport Services Ltd, we believe that this stereotype is out dated.

We are committed to operating a fully compliant business the is of benefit to our clients our employees and our business overall.

  • Quality

    Customer service and quality management is a key focus within our business.

    Working to recognised quality and industry standards is testament to our thorough approach and should give confidence to customers old and new.

    A full understanding of your requirements through dialogue and service level agreements results in a smooth integration of our methods and systems.

    Periodic reviews with customers are expected, so that performance can be discussed with Key Performance Indicators being agreed and presented.

    Through this process, we believe that we can operate more efficiently to deliver tangible benefits that are mutually beneficial.

    TDR…Committed to quality.

  • Health & Safety

    TDR Transport Services Ltd views its most valuable asset as its people.

    We have a strong moral responsibility to ensure our staff is fully equipped to carry out the job safely.

    As such, we train our employees to an industry-leading standard.

    Whether customers require specific skills or if the requirements are of a more generic nature, we invest in our employees so that personal safety is paramount within all operations for the protection of our clients and ourselves.

    We work closely with clients to design and deliver training that is practical, purposeful and critical to the undertakings that we commit to.

    TDR…Committed to Health & Safety.

  • Environmental

    At TDR Transport Services Ltd we have a firm commitment and sense of responsibility towards the environment and we aim to minimize the impact on our surroundings. We recognise that minimising waste and saving energy is an essential part of business practice and the company has numerous procedures and initiatives in place which allows the minimisation of carbon emissions and the reduction of the carbon footprint of the goods we deliver.

    All of our vehicles are purchased with environmental protection features such as low emissions and low noise output. With continued and careful technical selection, we hope to continually reduce our impact on the environment. We train all staff to operate efficiently and to improve loading and route planning where possible, thereby reducing the number of vehicles making unnecessary journeys.

    We have a fleet renewal programme which ensures that the fleet is constantly updated with the latest technologies. Through this good practice we aim to reduce our production of greenhouse gases, noise pollution and waste of natural products, thereby helping to protect the environment and in turn, the future of our community.

    TDR…Committed to the environment.


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